Written by the OneBooks Team

QuickBooks hit the market 38 years ago in 1983, developed by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx to bring the benefits of the already successful Quicken to small business owners. In fact, Proulx has always aimed high, famously saying “We will be the Microsoft of this industry.” For years, this program has revolutionized business and has even saved many businesses from financial or legal ruin.

However, the program does not run itself. More than 29 million small businesses leverage QuickBooks for their accounting, but the businesses that fail are often the ones who try to do it on their own. Hiring a QuickBooks bookkeeping pro can prove both cost efficient and timesaving for your business. Here’s why.

A Pro Should Handle the Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts keeps an organized view of important financial information for your company. It includes items like balances in your checking account and relevant info about your savings, dividend, accounts payable/receivable, and overall balance sheets. However, this information can become overwhelming for the average user. That’s why businesses should seek out professionals like a Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

Customer, Vendor, and Item Lists Are Time-Consuming

Simply put, lists allow you to keep a detailed tally of your inventory, transactions, vendors, and customers in one neat and tidy place. You can add, delete, or edit your customer database quickly and efficiently when you know the program well. To help, QuickBooks has added an option to customize search fields to show only the information you want and none of what you don’t need. A QuickBooks pro knows how to manage lists and customizations without tanking an entire business day.

Invoices and Billing Should Be Managed by a Pro

To get paid for your product and/or services, having a professional bookkeeper to handle the invoicing and billing process is key. QuickBooks pros are excellent at keeping invoicing and billing organized in one spot. A bookkeeper with the necessary skills can accurately bill a client by either email or print out without requiring you to stay on top of program updates.

You Can’t Afford Payroll Mistakes

It’s hard to keep employees on staff at your business if there are mistakes in payroll. Let’s face it—if you aren’t an accountant, avoiding payroll mistakes can prove nearly impossible. To make sure everyone gets their due every payday, a QuickBooks pro can account for everything from hourly pay and overtime to salaries.

QuickBooks also keeps tax information, forms, vacation days, and other important employee information in its database so your QuickBooks pro can keep you prepared for the future. For an extra fee, your bookkeeper can use QuickBooks to send direct deposits straight to an employee’s bank account, so no one has to deal with cashing checks at the local bank.

Reports Are More Streamlined

Why try explaining financials to your stakeholders, co-owners, board members, employees, or potential clients when your bookkeepers can assemble each with the reports function? The profit vs. loss report is the most used function and can help give an accurate overview quickly to anyone needing the information. An experienced bookkeeper who understands QuickBooks can complete reporting in a flash, saving you and your staff valuable time.

Why You Need to Hire a Pro

While you might be tempted to try to DIY the QuickBooks process, it isn’t advisable. Instead, it is easier, safer, and better for your company’s financials to employ a third-party bookkeeper like the experts at One Books. At One Books, we have 25 years of experience with QuickBooks Pro, and have been developing our expertise nearly as long as the software has been in existence. We make it our business to know QuickBooks in and out, so you don’t have to. In addition to this expertise, we are here to ensure that you, the business owner, are kept up to date about our processes so you’re never in the dark about your books.

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