Quickbooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are great for speeding up the bookkeeping process. They will allow you to spend less time on your accounting and more time on your business.

The standard format for all Quickbooks Online shortcuts are as follows.
For Macs/Apple computers: CTRL + option + a letter
For PCs: CTRL + alt + a letter

Now, let’s see some examples (all in Mac format, but hold down on the alt key instead of the option key if you’re on a PC).

CTRL + Option + A brings you to the Chart of Accounts:

CTRL + Option + F brings up the search feature in the top right corner:

CTRL + Option + I brings up a blank invoice template so you can create new invoices:

CTRL + Option + X brings up a blank expense form so you can create new expense entries:

CTRL + Option + R brings up a new Receive Payment template so you can record money coming in:

CTRL + Option + C will bring up your Customer List:

CTRL + Option + V will bring up your Vendor List:

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