Finding Past Transactions

In Quickbooks, there are many ways to locate past transactions. For the following methods, we will be searching for a $55 expense paid to Cal Telephone for our phone plan.

Method #1

The first method to find this transaction is to simply go to the magnifying glass in the upper righthand corner. Click on the magnifying glass and the pop-up window (seen below) will appear. Click on the blue “Advanced Search” button on the bottom of this window.

On the next screen, simply type in the amount of the expense ($55), and the Cal Telephone expense will pop up (as shown below).

Method #2

Another way to find this transaction is to go to Cal Telephone’s vendor page. On the left sidebar, hover over Expenses and click on Vendors. Type in Cal Telephone into the Search bar and press Enter.

On the following screen, all Cal Telephone expenses will pop up and you can find the $55 one you’re looking for!


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